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Quality, QC and QA November 28, 2008

Posted by harisvanjava in Serbaneka.

1. What is quality?
It is about defects, defectives, nonconformance, errprs, inconsistencies, delays, unreturned phone messages, broken or unfulfilled promises, frustration, headaches, problems at work, repair, redoing jobs, late or wrong deliveries, quick fixes, being underpressure, administrative hashless, poor attitudes, low morale, poor motivation, lack of trust in products and services, wasted time, unutilized human talent, unbalance inventories, and friction between employess, managers, customers and supplies.

2. What is quality control?
It is defect control, error control, frustation control, and the control of all the negative and disheartening problems just mentioned.

3. What is quality assurance?
It is assuring that some of the problems just described are not allowed to occur in any sommunity or organization so that human suffering, hassles, and loss of pride in workmanship can be avoided.



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