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Seven dimensions of culture March 17, 2010

Posted by harisvanjava in Serbaneka.
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7 dimensions of culture (hofstede, 2008):

Power distance is a measure of how hierarchical a culture is. In a culture with a large power distance, less powerful individuals “expect and accept that power is distributed unequally.”

Individualism vs. collectivism is a continuum. In individualistic cultures, “ties between individuals are loose”. In collectivistic cultures, individuals are members of “strong, cohesive in-groups.”

Masculinity vs. femininity is a continuum. In masculine cultures, social gender roles are rigidly defined. In feminine cultures, social gender roles are looser and overlapping.

Uncertainty avoidance is a measure of the extent to which individuals “feel threatened by uncertain, unknown, ambiguous, or unstructured situations.”

Long-term vs. short-term orientation is a continuum. In long-term-oriented cultures, there is a focus on future rewards and “adaptation, perseverance and thrift” are valued. In short-term-oriented cultures, there is a focus on the past and present and “respect for tradition, preservation of ‘face’, and fulfilling social obligations” are valued.

Indulgence vs. restraint is a continuum. Indulgent cultures permit “relatively free gratification of some desires and feelings” (e.g., “leisure, merrymaking with friends, spending, consumption and sex”). Restrained cultures control gratification and “people feel less able to enjoy their lives.”

Monumentalism vs. self-effacement is a continuum. Monumental cultures reward individuals “who are, metaphorically speaking, like monuments: proud and unchangeable.” Self-effacing cultures reward individuals who are humble and flexible.
how about the culture of Indonesia ?
(to be continued)



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